Wooden Front Doors: Are They Secure?

We want to take this opportunity to take a look at the concern regarding whether wooden front doors are safe and secure. In other words, yes they can be. It needs to also be remembered that there are other types of doors readily available which can provide boosted security.

According to the Police:-

” In most thefts, the crooks got into your house or flat through the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in”.

So it’s critically important to have a secure door on your house, whether this is wooden or another type.

In this article, we will initially take a look at the methods to make a wood door protected, and then analyse other kinds of doors offered which provide great security for your house.

Improving Security of Wooden Doors

It may sound obvious but make sure you lock your doors at all times. Even during the daytime, there could be opportunist thieves who might attempt their luck to see if any homes are left unlocked, even if you are home. Enter the practice of being protected in your house no matter the time of day

If you are fretting about losing your front door keys when you are out you might attempt installing a key safe in a discreet area in your garden.

Install a Deadbolt

To enhance security over night whilst you are at house, you might set up a deadbolt. If you place this at the top of the door, far from the letter box or any windows the door may have this will add extra strength to the door should a trespasser try to break in.

A deadbolt will be more protected if you have a solid wooden door. If you have a hollow wooden door, we would highly suggest upgrading to either solid wood or another more durable product such as a composite or UPVC door.

Prevent Having Windows in Wooden Doors

Although windows in wood doors can look truly lovely, your house will be more secure if you go windowless! Intruders are most likely to be able to break through glass silently, implying they can do this without being disrupted. It could them possibly be simple for them to reach in and open locks from the within to acquire entry to your house.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are an excellent option for any home from a security viewpoint. They are fitted with a Yale locking system for supreme security. Most composite doors are likewise produced in accordance with ‘safe and secure by design’ which is a UK police initiative with rigorous guidelines for security.

Available in a large choice of colours with an attractive finish, these doors are an excellent option for the style and security mindful consumer.

UPVC Doors

Another fantastic choice for enhancing look along with security of your homes is an external UPVC door. Most doors use leading Yale branded 10-point locking system for all our UPVC doors, so you can be safe in the understanding that your home will be secure– offering you use the lock!

For added security our UPVC front doors can be fitted with a decorative UPVC panel that is MDF reinforced and available in a huge choice of styles.

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